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In the heart of 2021, amidst a world of uncertainties, a spark of musical genius ignited between Benjamin Wright and Nolan Hill, giving birth to the band now known as Reality Disconnect. These two musicians, who had played together in the past in the band Galvaneyes, came together after a multi-year break from performing music, for a casual jam session. Both Ben and Nolan quickly realized that their combined talents harbored the potential for something extraordinary.

Benjamin, with his prowess in crafting intricate guitar melodies, and Nolan, initially on drums, began a prolific partnership, churning out music that resonated with their unbridled spirit. This creative synergy was so potent that it didn’t take long for Nolan to transition from the drums to the guitar, an instrumental shift that propelled their music into a new realm of sonic exploration.

Their repertoire, initially a modest collection of tracks, rapidly expanded into a vast array of compositions. Each song, a unique blend of raw emotion and technical proficiency, was a testament to their synergistic creativity. The duo’s journey took a transformative turn with the involvement of Jesse Fioren, the owner operator of Crowkeeper Studios. Jesse’s addition to the band, with his transcendent vocals and powerful bass lines, was the final piece of the puzzle. His input not only enhanced the depth and richness of their sound but also provided the catalyst needed to finalize their debut album, “Elysian”.

Released on May 19th, 2023, “Elysian” is more than just an album; it’s an odyssey of musical liberation. Reality Disconnect stands as a testament to the power of unshackled creativity. Their music, a seamless blend of serene melodies and intense breakdowns, transcends traditional constraints, offering listeners an escape into a realm of auditory bliss.

Ben and Nolan’s approach to songwriting is grounded in authenticity and unfiltered expression. Their ethos is simple: what feels right, flows. This principle has allowed them to traverse musical boundaries, crafting tracks that can effortlessly transition from peaceful guitar harmonies to intense, heart-pounding breakdowns.

Reality Disconnect isn’t just a band; it’s a movement. It’s an invitation to break free from the mundane and dive into a world where music reigns supreme, a world where every note resonates with the spirit of freedom and every song is a journey to the depths of one’s soul.

With “Elysian”, Reality Disconnect doesn’t just introduce themselves; they invite you to disconnect from reality and connect with something far more profound – the limitless world of musical expression.

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